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words in the English language which are no longer used

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i got this idea from Terminus Est which i find a very awsome idea

it is very simple just post some words in the English language which are no longer used and try to tell us what does that word means and give us an example of that word in a sentence.

here is a list of some words i found

Aquabib – water-drinker
“I was never much of an aquabib, and always preferred harder libations.”

Boreism – behaviour of a boring person
“The professor, while brilliant, was afflicted by boreism when lecturing on the history of the English language.”

Cacatory – accompanied by loose bowels
“For the diners, the effects of the chicken cacciatore, alas, were cacatory.”

Devalgate – bow-legged
“The devalgate cowboy watched his old smell-hound crawl between his legs.”

Egrote – to feign an illness
“He was a master of egroting in order to find more time to study for English language tests.”

Fallaciloquence – deceitful speech
“Your fallaciloquence, though charming, will not convince the jury to acquit.”

Gelicide – a frost
“Unfortunately, the flowers were killed too soon by an early gelicide.”

Hecatologue – code consisting of 100 rules
“The teen whined that her parents' list of rules was practically a hecatologue.”

Ipsographic – self-recording
“He used the CD burner primarily for ipsographic purposes.”

Jobler – one who does small jobs
“We've found a great jobler who takes care of our repairs quickly and cheaply.”

Krioboly – sacrifice of many rams; bath in blood of rams
“Contrary to rumour, pagan rituals do not involve krioboly or baby-eating.”

Lambition – act of licking or lapping
“The child's lambition of the ice cream was interrupted by gravity, the cruellest master.”

Mariturient – eager to marry
“He was beset with offers from several distant cousins who were desperately mariturient.”

Nequient – not being able
“While the other students understand the basics of the English language, you are still nequient in this simple art.”

Oporopolist – fruit seller
“Our opropolist's oranges often offer odd odours.”

Primifluous – that which flows first
“The primifluous Bordeaux wines of the evening were excellent, unlike the plonk served later.”

Quaeritate – to question; to inquire
“If I might quaeritate, why are we headed in the wrong direction on the trail?”

Radicarian – pertaining to the roots of words
“A radicarian knowledge of Latin is of central importance for English etymology.”

Sinapistic – consisting of mustard
“The chef's sinapistic sauces delighted connoisseurs of French cuisine.”

Tussicate – to cough
“He tussicated throughout the Italian opera, annoying nearby audience members.”

Uviferous – bearing grapes or vines
“The uviferous countryside of Bordeaux is still renowned for its production of fine wines.”

Venundate – to buy and sell
“The farmer went to the local Spanish town of Salamanca once a month to venundate, but was otherwise solitary.”

Woundikins – diminutive form of “wounds”; mild oath
“He shouted, "Great woundikins!" upon striking his toe, much to their amusement.”

Xenization – fact of traveling as a stranger
“This period of youthful xenization was the source of his later cultural tolerance.”

Yelve – dung-fork; garden-fork; to use such a fork
“With her yelve and hoe never far from hand, she grew her crops the old-fashioned way.”

Zygostatical – pertaining to a market official in charge of weights
“His zygostatical training allowed him to cheat the scales undetected for decades.”
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Wow thats a hell of a lot of words.... O_O"
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Wow that is an awesome list. Some of those are so hilarious. Oporopolist? Krioboly? Lol!

Very nice find...my sandwich tastes very swell what with all the uh, sinapistic...mustard...in it.

Well, I do not know of any words which no longer exist, but I do have one extremely rare word which has always amused me to no end; the English word "defenestration". Derived from the French word "fenêtre" which in turns comes from the Latin "fenestra", this word means simply, to throw something from out of the window.

I mean seriously, do we really need such a word to denote the action of throwing something out of a window? And the Worse is? It actually has an opposing; fenestration, meaning to throw something through a window, but from the outside instead of the inside. Oh my, how mad.

Also another random slightly unrelated bit of tidbit, the word Carfax. Or rather, the name.

Carfax Abbey from the novel Dracula is, apparently, derived from some olden version of French, which means "quattres faces", in English it is "four faces, since each wall of said abbey apparently faces the four major cardinal points of the Earth.
Car faxes sounds odd, but then I am not familiar with old French, and I forget the exact explanation given when I read about this...

Anyways that had nothing to do with this thread, but I do hope that it was interesting enough to include.

Oh and from that list again...the act of licking, "lambition". *Raises an eyebrow.*
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Woundikins – diminutive form of “wounds”; mild oath
“He shouted, "Great woundikins!" upon striking his toe, much to their amusement.”

Woundikins? Oh man, I am so using that! :p

I dont think I have even heard of any of those words before. >_>

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I consider, that you commit an error. I can defend the position. Write to me in PM.




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I consider, that you commit an error. I can defend the position. Write to me in PM.


Anyways, here's two (don't ask how I know these):

Callimastian: Having beautiful breasts.

Callipygian: Having shapely buttock.

"Yo, that bitch is both callimastian and callipygian."
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